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US and Europe aid the call for a new presidential election in Venezuela


On Saturday, a UN security council meeting was organized due to the ever-increasing crisis that is taking place in Venezuela, the more recent event of this being the series protests that sparked from last Wednesday’s event, where Juan Guaido, head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, declared himself as the interim president of Venezuela, and called for a fresh presidential election.

Guaido’s call for an election stems from the controversy of 2018 May’s election, in which there’s been several claims of foul play from Venezuela’s current president Nicolas Maduro, since none of the main strong candidates were allowed to take part in the election itself, leaving Maduro’s path to the presidency virtually clear, thus causing quite a low voter turnout due to the lack of trust in the veracity of the election.

Under Maduro’s administration, Venezuela has suffered great economical and political strife, food shortages, a massive inflation of a top of 10 million percent, mass emigration and recently, daily protest from which several people didn’t survive

During this meeting, Mike Pompeo as the secretary of state of the US, declared that the United States of America recognizes the Claim of Juan Guaido, and urged all the other members in the meeting to do the same.

“Now it is time for every other nation to pick a side. … Either you stand with the forces of freedom, or you’re in league with Maduro and his mayhem,” Pompeo told the council. “We call on all members of the Security Council to support Venezuela’s democratic transition and interim President Guaido’s role.”

This call to aid Guaido didn’t go unrequited, and was supported by Spain, UK, Peru, France, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Germany, Poland and Kuwait. Several of these countries gave Maduro an ultimatum, demanding the announcement of a fresh election in less than eight days.

Peru, who has taken in 700,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants, said that a fresh election must be made in light of the political persecution and violence that the Maduro administration has opted for.

“The government of Spain gives [President] Nicolas Maduro eight days to call free, transparent and democratic elections,” Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in statement, “If that doesn’t happen, Spain will recognize Juan Guaido as interim president in charge of calling these elections.”

“After banning opposition candidates, ballot box stuffing and counting irregularities in a deeply flawed election it is clear Nicolas Maduro is not the legitimate leader of Venezuela, Guaido is the right person to take Venezuela forward. If there are not fresh & fair elections announced within 8 days UK will recognise him as interim President to take forward the political process towards democracy. Time for a new start for the suffering ppl of Venezuela” tweeted British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt.

However, Russia, China, Bolivia, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa denounced this course of action, and expressed their support for Maduro. “The cynical, overt interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state continues. It must stop,” said the Russian foreign ministry, “Washington, D.C., has a long history of treating Latin America as a backyard where it can do whatever it wants, with no repercussions. Today, the actions of the United States are a pure reincarnation of the so-called Monroe Doctrine, of which President Donald Trump recently spoke openly. Regime change is a favourite geopolitical game of the United States,” he said, citing its decades of intervention in Cuba, Nicaragua and elsewhere in the region, to say nothing of Asia, Europe and other parts of the world”.

Due to the events previously mentioned, Maduro ordered the US diplomats to leave Venezuela,  but the US ignored the order, since they no longer recognize Maduro as the Venezuelan President, the order was belayed and they both ended up agreeing to set up an Interests Section to maintain a diplomatic nexus.


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