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Florida Man cuts genitals off romantic rival


A Florida man faces charges of murder and aggravated battery after beating a, Illinois man unconscious and forcibly castrated him.

Justin Foster of Tallahassee was ordered to be held without bail after the March assault.

Prosecutors state that Foster had flown from Atlanta to Chicago in March, and proceeded to drive a rental car to the 26 year old victims Des Plaines home. Upon spotting the victim Foster approached and struck him repeatedly in the head with a tire iron until the victim lost conscious.

Foster then proceeded to carve his initials into the victims leg and castrate the poor man, throwing his severed appendage over a fence and leaving him to die.

The victim was found shortly after and taken to the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital before being transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital due to the nature of his life-threatening injuries.  Authorities announced that Foster had sent threatening emails and text messages to the victim prior to the attack.

Des Plaines police said in a press release Friday that the victim would “never fully recover” from the injuries he sustained, which has left him with brain damage and requiring around the clock care.

Chicago Tribune



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