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AMLO will invite the leaders of all the world to his inauguration


The now president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that he will send invitations to his swear-in before congress to all the world leaders, “We will look for friendship with all the governments and nations of the world”


AMLO, as he is known in Mexico, announced the invitation on a press conference Thursday, in which he also announced Marcelo Ebrard as his pick for head of Secretary of Foreign Affairs, after his original choice Hector Vasconcelos decided to perform as a congressman after he won the post in the elections.


 “Trump will be invited, but it will depend on his schedule and what he decides” said AMLO first on the press conference, “We are neighboring countries, with ties on economy, trade and friendship, we are very interested in the cooperation for progress and we share 3,180 kilometers of border frontier.”


He added that he will invite Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked if he was considering inviting the leaders of Cuba and Venezuela, he said “All of them, we will look for friendship with all the governments and nations of the world”


The swear-in of the president-elect will take place on December 1st before the Mexican Congress.


AMLO will also be present in the reunion between the current Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and US’s secretary of state Mike Pompeo on July 13th, AMLO will be accompanied by Marcelo Ebrard .


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