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Tumblr announces plan to ban adult content on December 17th


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Tumblr has found  itself at the center of controversy after an announcement on Monday, that adult content would no longer be allowed on their platform.

CEO Jeff D’Onofrio stated that he purpose of the policy change  was to “create a place where more people  would feel comfortable expressing  themselves”.   Further  mentioning that there was no shortage  of websites featuring adult content and that Tumblr would “leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.”

While the ban is not all encompassing,  as it will still allow erotic literature and artistic  nudity; adult content makes  up a significant portion of site traffic with many sex workers and erotic performers utilizing  the platform.

Many Tumblr users took to Twitter to voice their outrage over the change, attacking the site for not taking a harder stance on  child porn and “trolls”. They  weren’t alone either, as users across the internet joined in to ridicule the companies decision through various forms of discussion and parody.

Following the Monday announcement, searches for sexually suggestive terms resulted in no results. The discovery of which added to the controversy as an August  policy change made violent imagery and hate speech illegal on the platform, yet national socialist and white supremacy content is easy to find.

The company has not commented on  what  prompted the change leading to a wide variety of theories and speculations including the recently  passed Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017.   S.1693 holds websites responsible for any sex trafficking or prostitution facilitated on their platforms.

The policy update follows news that Tumblr was temporarily removed  from the Apple App Store after a routine audit found the platform to be  hosting child pornography that had managed to evade it’s filters. Tumblr has a zero tolerance policy in regards to child exploitation  and is working closely with the NCMEC to  combat such abuses.


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