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Ruling Social Democrats remain largest party in Swedish exit polls.


Despite receiving a historically low percentage of 26,2% of the votes, the left wing Social Democrats remain the largest party in the Swedish General Election. The right wing anti-establishment party received 19,2% of the votes, making them the second largest party, according to the exit polls.

These forementioned results in this article are not set in stone, the first preliminary result have yet to be announced, and they can vary from the numbers mentioned in this article. 

The Social Democrats remain the largest party in the country, despite a historical loss of nearly 5% of the votes. Making this their lowest result since 1908.
This loss also means that in the current exit polls, the center-right bloc has a lead over the ruling center-left bloc. This lead, however, is very small (39,6% for the right and 39,4% for the left) and can easily be lost when the official results are announced.

In Sweden it is customary that the ruling government is either right or left wing. Since neither one of these managed to gain a majority of the votes, it will be unclear on who will form a government, if the final results won’t vary dramatically from the projected numbers.
Almost all other parties have stated beforehand that they will not form a government with the Sweden Democrats. But in politics, promises are easily broken….

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