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Potential assassin of Geert Wilders arrested in The Hague


Dutch Police arrested an unidentified man at the Den Haag Centraal railway station on Tuesday, following suspicion that he was planning an assassination attempt on Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

Police stated that the 26 year old man had made a video on Facebook where he talked about attacking MP Wilders along with the Dutch Parliament.

Wilders stated on Twitter that he had been alerted of the plot by the NCTb (Netherlands counter-terrorism police).

“I was told by NCTb this morning that a man on Facebook had said that he had arrived in the Netherlands for the purpose of killing me, fortunately, he has been arrested. It is madness that this is happening because of a drawing contest and that it is raining death threats.”

The drawing contest he refers to in his tweet is a competition of Mohammad cartoons and caricatures, which will be displayed in the 54 year old MP’s room in Parliament.

The contest has stirred up controversy, with Pakistan’s  Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stating that it “would hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world” 

Qureshi further stated that he had contacted the United Nations and the European Union over the contest. On Monday Pakistan’s house of parliament officially condemned the contest, with Prime Minister Imran Khan saying that “They don’t understand how much they hurt us when they do such acts”.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was quick to point out that the contest “is not an initiative by the government” and remarked that it “is not something I would do”.

Mr. Wilders is no stranger to death threats and controversy. As an outspoken critic of Islam he been on an Al-Qaeda hit-list since 2010 and had a fatwa issued calling for his beheading from Australian imam  Feiz Mohammad.

Al Jazeera

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