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Nine people injured in stabbing attack in German city of Lübeck


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Nine people have been injured after a 34  year old man wielding a knife started attacking people at random in a German bus. 

The bus, with roughly 70 passengers on board,was passing through the city on Friday afternoon when the suspect dropped his backpack and started attacking people. Of the 9 injured 6 sustained stab wounds, while the other 3 suffered injuries through punches or falls, reports the Guardian.

Police where able to detain the suspect, believed to be a German citizen with Iranian roots, after he was overpowered by passengers.

An eye witess told the regional newspaper Neue Lübecker Nachrichten that the bus driver immediately stopped the bus and was able to open the doors despite being targeted.
While the police said in a tweet that there was no indication that the attacker had been radicalised, a spokesperson from the state prosecutor has stated nothing can be excluded, including a terrorist background.
German newspaper Bild claims the police found a fire accelerant inside the suspects backpack.

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