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Marjan Sarec confirmed as next PM of Slovenia


Former comedian Marjan Sarec was approved to become the Prime Minister designate on Friday by the Slovenian parliament.

The 40 year old  leader of the LMŠ party received 12.6% of the vote in the June 3rd parliamentary election. A victory that ended up netting him 13 MP’s and a place as the second largest party in government.

Former Prime Minister Janez Jansa had won the most votes in the election but failed to form a ruling majority, paving the way for Sarec to form a minority government

Sarec has fifteen days to pick his cabinet from the centre left coalition led by his LMŠ party, which seeks the backing of the Levica party.

Levica has declined to participate in the cabinet, but has pledged to support them. With Levica’s support the coalition gains a total of 52 seats allowing them to form a slim majority.

LMŠ has been described as promoting populism and social liberalism.

The parties campaign included talks of:

Judicial, regulatory, electoral, pension, and procedural reforms.

The introduction of preferential voting

Combating climate change

Fixing the healthcare system

Expanding the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant

The pursuit of a balanced budget and reducing debt




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