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Marine Le Pen ordered to submit psychiatric evaluation over twitter posts


Marine Le Pen was ordered by a French court to submit a psychiatric evaluation as part of it’s investigation into Twitter posts she had made  in 2015 showcasing executions committed by the Islamic State.

One of the images she posted showed the barbaric beheading of American journalist James Foley.

The investigation into the images began in March on grounds of disseminating violent images, French law dictates that medical evaluations must be conducted for such a case.

A copy of a court document from September 11th states that the judge wants to assess if a mental illness affected her decision to post the tweets, as well as determining if she could be a risk to the public.

Le Pen herself announced the order on Twitter Thursday

“I thought I had seen it all: but no! For having denounced the horrors of #Daesh in tweets, the ‘justice’ is submitting me to a psychiatric evaluation! How far will they go? It’s UNBELIEVABLE.”

She would later comment to reporters that she would not take the test, and would “like to see how the judge would try and force me do it.”

Her criticism of the order echos National Rally claims that the establishment was using judges to attempt to undermine them politically. The NR has been contending with several investigations following the parties defeat against Macron during the 2017 election.


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