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Maikel Henkel, the hero of Lübeck


—- Germany —-

Earlier reports of a stabbing on a German bus that injured 9 people,, could have ended a lot worse, if 25 year old Maikel Henkel wasn’t on board, RTL reports.

The stabbing caused panic in the bus says Maikel Henkel. Who was grabbed by a frightened women. Afterwards Henkel was attacked by the 34-year old man “in a reflex I decided to kick and punch him. Thank god I didn’t get stabbed and I was able to knock him to the floor“.

Henkel states he has no idea what triggered the attack “All of a sudden he was charging people with a knife“.
German media call Henkel a hero, but he doesn’t agree with that. Stating “I will help everybody who requires it

The German police is still unclear about the German/Iranian suspect’s motive. While the suspect hasn’t made a statement yet, based on current information the police assumes the suspect’s motive is not linked to terrorism.

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