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France claims World Cup victory, cops face off against overly-exited fans



Sunday marked the end of Russia’s World Cup 2018 with the final between Croatia and France, where France came out victorious outscoring Croatia 4-2 in a match so spirited that even the French president Emmanuel Macron couldn’t help but to celebrate gleefully as his team won the match, pumping his fists out and striking a pose while watching the game alongside Russian president Vladimir Putin and Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.

However it seems that the excitement over this victory made some of the French people show the worst in them, by starting violent riots and trashing the streets of France. Pushing law enforcement officers to be deployed and stop them.

The acts of vandalism ignited in several cities, in the city of Paris, the capital of France, what stood out was damage and looting to shops in the street and burning trash cans, the police made use of tear gas and water cannons to control the crowds of rioters. In Lyon, the rioters set several cars on fire and trowed cans at the police officers, along with looting and setting trash cans ablaze. In Marseille, the rioters trowed firecrackers, smoke flares, and projectiles to the police, the crowds committed the same acts of vandalism as the rioters from the other cities and the police made at least ten arrests in the events. Similar riots happened in Rouen and Bordeaux.

This did not happen in all of France however, as the rest of the Country celebrated in a proper fashion, expressing their joy to the world and sharing it among each other.


The World Cup final

Riots of the World Cup

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