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Former member of Dutch parliament commits suicide shortly after revealing she was gangraped by muslims.


Council member for the city of The Hague Willie Dille (53) has committed suicide on Wednesday, leaving behind four children. Dille deprived herself of life after she had posted a video on Facebook in which she claims to have been raped by Muslims. According to Elsevier.  

Mrs. Dille served as a member of the Dutch parliament from 2010 to 2012 and as a member of The Hague city council from 2012 onwards, both for the Freedom Party (PVV), which is often described as a right-wing populist party with a strong anti-islamic sentiment.
PVV leader Geert Wilders has said to be shocked by the news of Dille’s death. “Willie was a great and warm colleague who always looked out for her fellow man and in particular, the youth. We will miss her enormously. Words fall short,” says Wilders. ”We wish her partner, children, her colleagues from the PVV party in The Hague and everyone who loved her a lot of strength with this indescribable loss.

Karen Gerbrands, leader of The Hague’s PVV fraction, has responded via twitter. “With dismay and intense grief we have taken note of the sudden death of our colleague, comrade-in-arms and above all friend Willie Dille. What happened to her and especially the reactions to it that she received, she could no longer bear. We wish her family and friends will have the strength to process this enormous loss.
We will keep on fighting to ensure her death was not in vain.

In the aforementioned video, that has been removed from facebook, Dille declared to be the victim of a gangrape by muslims who aimed to silence her in the city council. She also stated that she was still being threatened and that she feared for her life. “I just want the world to know the truth. On March 15, 2017 (on the day of the Dutch parliamentary elections eds.) I was kidnapped, raped and maltreated by a group of Muslims because they wanted to silence in the Hague city council.

Mrs. Dille has accused her former PVV coworker Arnoud van Doorn of orchestrating the rape because he was fired by her in the past. “He’s a terribly mean man that hates me intensely. After the rape happened, I did not tell anyone, the next day I did my debates like nothing happened ” Dille said in the video, in which she also announced to stop her political work because of recent death threats.

After Mr. van Doorn was dismissed by the PVV, he became the leader of the Party of [the] Unity (PvdE), a political party which has its views based on islamic principles.

Van Doorn responded to the news via Twitter on Wednesday “Dear media, I’m on holiday so calling is pointless. I will not lower myself by giving a substantive reaction to the allegations of Mrs. Dille. However, I am considering filing for libel / defamation. I wish everyone a nice summer. ” Ending his tweet with a thumbs up and a smiley face wearing sunglasses.

After Mrs. Dille posted the video, the PVV in The Hague has emphatically asked everyone to leave her alone. The party also said that the image of Mr. Dille that has emerged, – that she is ‘confused or delusional’ – is false. “The image that is now being sketched, that portrays Willie as a liable fool, I will deny with force. Friends and Foes alike will confirm that Willie is a strong woman. She made the video after a year of misery no support from the police or the mayor. Willie is a very social, driven and intelligent politician who will never stop defending free speech and who will continue the fight against islam. The last threat, however, was the proverbial straw, but stopping her is out of the question” says Karen Gerbrands in a statement addressing the video.

The police has been in contact with Dille multiple times recently, speaking with her about her allegations of rape and threat. “We offered her help and asked if she wanted to file a report, which she declined” according to a police spokesperson.

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