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Art restoration in Spain goes horribly wrong (again)


It’s not unlikely that you never heard of El Rañadoiro, a small town in Northern Spain with less than 30 people living in it.
However, one thing the small community had going for itself was a chapel that was home to a small collection of 15th century religious sculptures….had.

Maria Luisa Menendez, one of the 28 locals, was given the honor of restoring the wooden sculptures. Sadly, the results look more like clay props from a stop-motion animated movie, than what the sculptures once resembled.
Specialists in art restoration of this kind of wood carvings stated that the result was “an absolute disaster.” according to Euronews.

Botched restorations are seemingly turning into a Spanish tradition after two earlier incidents. In 2012 the restoration of a 19th-century fresco in a Spanish church went horribly wrong, the before and after images went viral and where mocked from around the globe.

The second, more recent, example is the ruined restoration of a 16th century wooden figure of St. George from the church in Estella, that happened late June of this year.

Let us join our hands together in prayer, in the hopes that Spain will finally start learning from her mistakes.


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