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Bugatti’s new 1,478-Horsepower hypercar


Bugatti reveled its newest hypercar at “The Quail” on Friday, with a pricetag that even Scrooge McDuck would need a payment plan for.

The Bugatti Divo isn’t just a take on the Chiron, it’s the next step in the evolution of motorsport. Named after two time Targa Florio winner Albert Divo, this $5.8 million dollar hypercar boast outlandish performance.

Improvements to the Chiron include an overall lightening of the car, a carbon fiber intercooler shroud, fixed front diffuser flaps, and thanks to a 23% increase in the width of it’s spoiler, 200 extra pounds of downforce.  This difference allows the Divo to generate an astonishing 1.6G of lateral acceleration.  A feat greatly helped by the monsterous 1,478 horsepower W-16 quad-turbo engine.

All these changes add up to an impressive 8 second lead over the Chiron on the Nardò Ring test track. All 40 Divo’s were already sold before they were even announced as existing.


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