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McLaren 600LT Spider: Going topless never felt so good.


McLaren recently released details on a new open-air variant of its popular 600LT coupe.  While the 600LT Spider may be entry level, this  $256,500 British supercar is anything but “Itsy bitsy”.

Improving on the 570s  Spider, McLaren promises an aural and visual experience without compromising on the performance of their Longtail  (LT)  designs.

To begin with, the Spiders 592bhp  M838T engine is reaping the benefits of updated electronic controls, an improved cooling system, and shortened exhausts.  In addition to the engine, the powertrain has been upgraded to take full advantage of the Spiders carbon fibre monocoque chassis.  Adding a dual clutch, as well as a Seamless Shift seven-speed Gearbox (SSG) which features inertia push in Track mode and an ignition cut in Sports mode to produce pleasing aural “cracks” from the exhaust.

While we’re talking about the exhaust, the unique top-exit exhausts introduced with the 600LT return again with the Spider. CEO Mike Flewitt was happy to report that with the roof down, they sound and look better than ever. The roofs nothing to scoff at either, as the Spider comes with an advanced new folding hard-top design that McLaren holds three separate patents for.  An electronic wind deflector is also equipped to allow drivers to reduce turbulence, or even increase the sound of the exhaust in the cabin if they so wish.

Of course, weight is an issue as well with supercars, and the Spider comes in 220lbs lighter than its predecessor. This is thanks to the Spiders MonoCell II chassis, in addition to being lightweight, the chassis is remarkable strong which allowed the convertible to retain it’s structural rigidity without requiring steel or aluminum reinforcement.

Despite being 110lbs heavier, the 600LT Spider performs nearly identically to the coupe model. Both models will go 0-60 in  2.8  seconds, but the Spider reaches 124mph in  8.4, a full  0.2 seconds slower than the coupe.

The intrepid motorist can expect to reach a top speed of 196mph with the roof lowered.  Hold on to your hats!

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