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Child’s Play 2 Review.


Well the Child’s play reboot just came out yesterday, so I feel compelled to review one of the bad ones of the franchise. So, why did I choose 2 instead of 3? It won a coin flip. Child’s play, the original one, was actually a pretty good horror movie, with top notch special effects and having a classic story about the serial killer Charles Lee Ray transferring his soul into a good guy doll and going on a hunt for a kid to get out of it. It was a massive success, bringing in $44 million at the box office, so a sequel was all but guaranteed. With three years between this and the original, could this a worthy successor?

The film begins almost directly after the last film ended, with the toy company that makes good guy dolls getting back Chucky after his fiery end. They patch up the doll, for some reason, and we learn that Andy, the kid from the first film, has been put into a foster home while his mother is getting psychological tests since she said the doll was alive. Chucky then kills a factory worker before he’s even fully put back together. At the same time Andy gets adopted by a hopefully nice family. We also meet his new step sister, Kyle, and they both take a liking to each other. No you weebs not that kind of liking.

Chucky, once he’s finally fully put back together, is taken from the factory by some random guy, who he holds hostage and forces him to take him to Andy’s new home, which he knows because they have Andy on file for some reason. Chucky breaks in and replaces a different good guy doll, which the family just has I guess, by breaking him and burying him in the backyard.

That night Andy wakes up to find chucky has tied him to the bed and gagged him, then starts speaking the curse that will put his soul into Andy’s body. However he’s interrupted by Kyle coming in through the window, for some reason, then the parents walk in on this whole scene and they’re as confused as any parent would usually be. Damn, maybe they think it is that kind of liking.

Anyways, the next day at school Chucky breaks in and defiles Andy’s paper by making it seem like he called her a bitch. Then the bitch locks Andy in the classroom, alone, and accidentally locks Chucky in the closet. Chucky starts freaking the fuck out, so Andy books it, and the teacher dies. When Andy gets back the Chucky doll is back home before him, somehow, and the dads getting tired of this. That night Andy tries to kill Chucky, but things go awry and Chucky snaps his neck. We’re already nearing the end and Chucky has only killed two people, but hey that’s how good of a killer he was in the last film too, so at least they’re keeping that consistent.

The characters in this film aren’t, the worst I guess. Obviously Chucky is the star of the show here, that’s what tends to happen with these slasher movies. He’s entertaining to watch at least, and it’s clear Brad Dourif had a lot of fun playing him, especially as the films became more and more comedic as they went on. Andy is fine I guess, and so is Kyle, and the acting isn’t that bad actually. All around, pretty ok.

True to the original, the effects in this film are outstanding. The use of three different ways to make Chucky look alive, puppets, animatronics, and midgets in suits, make Chucky look as alive as you could make him look. I don’t know how they do it in the new one, but I highly doubt they’re gonna use anything more than just CGI, but hey, I could be wrong, they did use practical effects in curse and cult after all, so hopefully they’ll keep the tradition going.

The Ending:
So, after the death of the father, Andy is taken away from this new family, and Kyle throws Chucky away. However after spending some time in the backyard she finds the original doll that Chucky replaced buried under all the dirt, then finds out Chucky got out of the trash, and she finally realizes that Andy was right and that Chucky is alive!

Kyle runs inside, only to find that Chucky already killed the mom, and after a short scuffle, gets taken hostage by Chucky and is forced to take him to Andy. Once at the orphanage, Chucky kills the lady in charge of the orphanage, then escapes to the Good Guy factory, with Kyle just behind them. Chucky knocks Andy out and does the chant, but haha he took too long and now he’s stuck in the doll.

After a chase through the factory, Chucky looses his hand and replaces it with a knife, then kills the only fucking guy present while the factory is running, jesus robots really are replacing everyone’s jobs. After a bit more of a chase, they manage to trap chucky on some wooden board then send him through this machine that for some reason goes haywire when pressing a button and attaches a shit ton of body parts to Chucky, presumably killing him.

Except not! Chucky knocks out Kyle, trapping her on the conveyer belt, then comes after Andy, now with no legs. However, Andy faces his greatest fears and coats Chucky in some sort of plastic liquid thing, which quickly hardens over him. He saves Kyle but god damn it again Chucky is still alive. Kyle quickly jabs some sort of weird air tube thing into his mouth, filling him with air and blowing him up, finally killing him. For now. Also that’s it it just stops after that. So, I guess, the end.

Oh man this film is, actually not that terrible. Yeah don’t get me wrong it doesn’t stack up to the original, it has a few dumber moments, but I don’t think that it’s really that bad either. The effects are still great, the acting and characterization is still fine, and the plot is still ok, but with just a few moments that are a bit too dumb. I guess it’s just, ok. If you like the first one, feel free to watch this one too.

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