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Art of Super Mario Odyssey book reveals Nintendo had thought of Bowsette first


You may have noticed your favourite websites being flooded with images of a Peachified Bowser in recent days after a Nintendo Direct video presentation revealed the new Super Crown item in it’s upcoming Switch port of New Super Mario Bros U.

The Super Crown is a powerup that allows Toadette, a new character in the port, transform into a Peachified version of herself. The internet soon began to imagine what would happen to other characters if they donned the Super Crown.

It wasn’t long before “Bowsette” emerged as the reigning monarch of the trend. Bowsette of course is the result of Marios long standing nemesis Bowser wearing the crown.

Nintendo this week revealed that the internet wasn’t the first to think of this concept, as they released a new book called “The Art of Super Mario Odyssey”. Which shows off various concept art from the popular 2017 Switch title.

One of Super Mario Odysseys core mechanics is allowing Mario to throw his hat “Cappy” at other characters and posses them taking control of their body.

Within the art book exists a small panel style comic, shown above, that portrays Bowser throwing a “K” cap at Peach and possessing her, transforming her into Nintendos version of Bowsette.

Ars Technica



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