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Oregon Cop Does Not Appreciate Natural View

576 Views A Friday afternoon tweet by a spokesperson for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s department reveals that Oregon police may not enjoy everything nature has to offer. A sheriff’s deputy had the misfortune of nearly rear ending a cyclist who had been engaged in an

Florida Man cuts genitals off romantic rival

472 Views A Florida man faces charges of murder and aggravated battery after beating a, Illinois man unconscious and forcibly castrated him. Justin Foster of Tallahassee was ordered to be held without bail after the March assault. Prosecutors state that Foster had flown from Atlanta

MasterCard cuts Robert Spencer from his Patreon Account

454 ViewsRobert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and author of several best-selling books such as Islam Unveiled and The History of Jihad had his Patreon account shut down on behalf of MasterCard, without providing an explanation, arousing suspicion as for the motives of this maneuver