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The end of the road for Opportunity

285 ViewsThe NASA Opportunity Rover, after more than 14 years of service as an explorer in the planet of Mars and enduring all the trials the red planet threw at it, Opportunity finally met her match at the hands of a sandstorm that engulfed the

Tumblr announces plan to ban adult content on December 17th

296 Views Image is derived from Blackadder Season 2 Episode 5 “Beer”.  Blackadder  is available in it’s entirety on  Britbox .  GSM and  it’s members receive no form of financial  gain from mentioning this, we just enjoy sharing what we like.   Tumblr has found  itself

Solar Probe stands strong against the Sun

353 ViewsNASA’s Parker Solar Probe managed to endure the closest encounter yet against our Solar system’s main star, the Sun, by approaching it as close as 15 million miles and reporting a green status in regards to the integrity of it’s instruments and itself when faced

NASA’s HAVOC project: the odyssey to Venus

408 ViewsNASA is now developing an exiting project aimed at studying the atmosphere of Venus, dubbing it High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC), which will focus  on designing the trajectory to Venus, performing aerocapture missions on Venus and Earth, and designing an airship able to

Facebook Vulnerability Let Attackers Breach up to 50 Million Accounts

282 Views Facebook announced Friday that upwards of 50 millions users were affected by a vulnerability that allowed hackers to access their accounts via “access tokens”. The vulnerability involved manipulating three different software flaws that allowed attackers to steal “access tokens” which allow people to

European Union approves of the controversial Copyright Directive

360 ViewsThis Wednesday the European Parliament voted in favor over an amended version of the Copyright Directive that was originally rejected by Members of the European Parliament this summer, calling it a necessary overhaul to protect Europe’s cultural heritage and create a level playing field between

Newly discovered deep sea fish that dissolves on the surface

370 ViewsAn exploration team headed by the Newcastle University discovered three new species of snailfish, a very elusive creature living 7,500 metres below the surface. This new finding was made out on the waters of one of the deepest places on earth, the Atacama Trench. The snailfish

Parker Solar Probe begins it’s voyage to the great star

1,168 ViewsNASA launched it’s long awaited Parker Solar Probe this Sunday at  3:31 a.m. EDT, hours before sunrise in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station located in Florida, and now makes it’s two month journey to the Sun in order to research and study the sun, along