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European Union approves of the controversial Copyright Directive

360 ViewsThis Wednesday the European Parliament voted in favor over an amended version of the Copyright Directive that was originally rejected by Members of the European Parliament this summer, calling it a necessary overhaul to protect Europe’s cultural heritage and create a level playing field between

Bosnian Leader Accuses US of Election Meddling.

353 Views Milorad Dodik, president of Bosnia’s autonomous Serb Republicans accused the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) of election interference in an attempt to counter Russian influences in the region. Saying, “Aiming to directly interfere in internal affairs of the Republika Srpska and Bosnia,

Serbia and Kosovo debate trading land to end fighting

439 Views Serbia and Kosovo have begun talks of cooling the long lasting dispute between the two Balkan countries that sparked after Kosovo declared independence in 2008. While Serbia has refused to acknowledge Kosovo as a sovereign nation, but countries share the common goal of

Marjan Sarec confirmed as next PM of Slovenia

379 Views Former comedian Marjan Sarec was approved to become the Prime Minister designate on Friday by the Slovenian parliament. The 40 year old  leader of the LMŠ party received 12.6% of the vote in the June 3rd parliamentary election. A victory that ended up netting

Night Wolves cause uproar in Slovakia

647 Views Nochnye Volki (Ночные Волки or Night Wolves) bikers have recently caused an uproar in Slovakia as they take up residence in a military styled base. It has been reported by the Hospodarske Noviny, that the Night Wolves branch in question is lead by