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European Union approves of the controversial Copyright Directive

360 ViewsThis Wednesday the European Parliament voted in favor over an amended version of the Copyright Directive that was originally rejected by Members of the European Parliament this summer, calling it a necessary overhaul to protect Europe’s cultural heritage and create a level playing field between

Sweden sees rise in forced and child marriages

408 Views Sweden has seen a sharp rise in reports of child and forced marriages, says the hotline established by the County Administrative Board. The hotline that seeks to help children and young people who are being forced into marriage received at least 130 phone

Theresa May pledges to invest $5.1 billion in Africa

342 Views                 During a three-day tour of Africa, British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged 4 billion pounds to support African markets in an attempt to strengthen trade deals. In a Sunday press release, May stated that that

Potential assassin of Geert Wilders arrested in The Hague

370 Views Dutch Police arrested an unidentified man at the Den Haag Centraal railway station on Tuesday, following suspicion that he was planning an assassination attempt on Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Police stated that the 26 year old man had made a video on Facebook where