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Nintendo shows off Smash Ultimate’s features

109 ViewsOn August 8th, Nintendo published  the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, starting with the rooster’s newest addition, Simon Belmont from the Castlevania Series, Simon uses the iconic vampire killer as his main weapon, and the axe, holy water and cross as special attacks. Not

Spiceworld Review.

431 ViewsIntro: So tell me what you want what you really really want, I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want, so tell me what you want what you really really want, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, Really really

Kazaam Review.

156 ViewsIntro: Oh poor poor Shaq, you tried so hard to expand your media influence, and they all fail horribly. You tried to start a rap career, and I doubt a lot of you guys even know he made an album, you tried to have

Gremlins 2 Review!

556 ViewsIntro: Right, well, Ghostbusters 2016 was quite the shit show of a movie, so today we’re going to need to even things out with an actually good film. Now first, why aren’t we doing the first movie? Simple, ya gotta save that for the

Ghost Busters (2016) review.

160 Views Intro: Look guys, I’m gonna be real, when setting out with the poll and all that I was hoping that, whatever movie you picked, we could get the whole review crew together and have a good time riffing on a piece of shit

The Pit Review.

168 Views Intro: If you guys were at the movie night a few nights ago, you may have seen the website where we found the found all three neil breen films, While setting up, I started noticing a whole bunch of wonderfully awful movies,

Passport to paris review.

656 Views Intro: So, you may be wondering, why this film of all films? Well I’ll tell you, you see recently I found out that a member on the review crew, pirateseatcarrots, aka man thing aka shithole reporter, has an intense hate for the olsen

Postal review.

207 Views Intro: Well, it was only a matter of time before we got to this guy. Ladies and gentlemen in case you were unaware this film was made by the worst guy from Germany. Yes even worse than Hitler, because at least Hitler didn’t

Nessie and me review!

251 Views Intro: Happy fathers day everybody! I know this might not seem like a good movie to do on father’s day, but holy shit folks this film certainly is something else. It was made by the company Vision films, a company that focuses on

Chernobyl Diaries review.

179 Views Intro: Alright listen, I’m just gonna come right on out and tell you guys, I did not like this film. Not only does it have a stupid plot, bland characters, and terrible pacing, but it also ruined my plans for this month of