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Barbie Video Game Hero Review.

239 Views Intro: Hello again everyone! Todays review is a special one, since unlike almost every other movie we watch, this one was picked by my co-creator! Because of this he is no longer allowed to pick what movie we watch every week. This movie

Fantastic 4 Review!

4,553 ViewsIntro: The fantastic 4! Man their media sucks doesn’t it? It’s like a curse, all their movies, their cartoon series, I don’t know if they have a game but if they do it’s probably terrible. These guys just can’t catch a break! It almost

Prehysteria Review.

970 ViewsIntro: Well here’s an interesting story, I found out about this movie while watching a 1990s rugrats VHS tape not too long ago. Why was I doing this? Well why are you being so judgy? Point is it looked like absolute shit. Me and man

Muppet Treasure Island Review.

319 ViewsIntro: The muppets, a group of characters so famous and iconic, they’d probably be one of the first things to pop into your head just by saying their species. Treasure Island, a perfect example of classic literature, solidifying what a pirate is in the

Space Clown Review!

184 ViewsIntro: Hey everyone, I’m back! Sorry about the absence of a review last week, there were personal things going on in both mine and man-things lifes, so we had to skip it. But now we’re back! And boy do we have quite the film

Murder in Space review.

209 ViewsIntro: Welcome everyone, to a very special episode of S&I reviews! I encourage all who are reading this to play along because I think you guys would be interested in this little game. Today we are reviewing a murder mystery, and so I decided

Space Warriors Review.

377 Views  Intro: Welcome to space month everybody! Quick explanation, back in January I was exploring around on imdb when I realized that there are a lot, and I mean a lot of shitty space films. So, with all of those movies, I decided, on

Rock Dog Review!

456 Views  Intro: Whelp, George is gonna be happy about this one. Rock Dog is a 2016 animated film adaptation of a Chinese graphic novel, “The Tibetan Rock Dog,” and from the few bits of research I’ve done it strays pretty far from the source

McLaren 600LT Spider: Going topless never felt so good.

296 Views McLaren recently released details on a new open-air variant of its popular 600LT coupe.  While the 600LT Spider may be entry level, this  $256,500 British supercar is anything but “Itsy bitsy”. Improving on the 570s  Spider, McLaren promises an aural and visual experience

Truth or Dare Review!

228 ViewsIntro: Do you remember not too long ago when someone thought it would be a good idea to make a movie out of truth or dare? Well it turns out that it wasn’t the first! Released in 1986, Truth or Dare, A critical madness,