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#Horror Re-Review

38 ViewsIntro: Well well well, I was certainly hoping we’d never be back here, and yet we are. First, a bit of background. Imaginecorp, the co-founder of S&I reviews, proposed one day that for our one year anniversary we re-review the first movie we ever

Spongebob Squarepants the Movie Review!

17 ViewsIntro: You know, I was originally planning on starting a whole december, christmas like month long celebration, but plans had to be put on hold for a while, considering the recent untimely death of Stephen Hillenburg. And seeing how we’re not exactly television “Critics”

A Talking Pony!?! Review!

26 Views Intro: Welp, thanksgiving is over, and you know what that means? Listening to the same 20 christmas song over and over until christmas! So on a completely unrelated note, horses! Do you guys remember that movie that Jontron did a review of not

Hackers Review!

24 ViewsIntro: Hackers is, a movie to be sure. Heads up guys, this gonna be a long one. This, film, was brought up to me by a fellow member of the review crew, Man thing, also known as Pirateseatcarrots. I’ve heard of it before from

Shark Night 3D Review.

43 ViewsIntro: Oh boy this movies a crafty one! First off I’m sure by now if you’ve heard of the shark movie curse. That being that pretty much every shark movie is somewhat terrible. Don’t believe me? Aside from Jaws, what is the first shark

A Foxs Tale Review!

66 ViewsIntro: Have you guys been to the imdb bottom 100 lately? I have! And that’s how I know about this movie! “A Foxs Tale” is a 2008 Hungarian film, that’s supposedly a sequel to a 1981 Hungarian animated film named “Vuk der Kleine Fuchs,”

Hellraiser Bloodlines Review.

45 Views Intro: Oh boy here we go. It’s the last week of spook month and I got us a real doozy today! Hellraiser Bloodlines is the fourth film in the Hellraiser series, and the last one that was actually originally written to be a

Don’t Think About It Review!

56 Views Intro: Ah boy here we go. We’re at week three of spook month, and today we’re doing an R.L.Stine story! No we’re not talking about the cheesy ass classic goosebumps, nor the genuinely nightmarish haunting hour television series, we’re talking about a made for

Cujo Review!

64 ViewsIntro: Hey I told ya guys we’d be doing something actually scary this week. Stephen king is known as an amazing writer and a lot of his books have become incredible movies. And no the idea for this review wasn’t inspired by the nostalgia

Creature Review!

65 ViewsIntro: Happy spook month mother fuckers! As you can tell I am really excited for halloween, rightfully so! October is, of course, the second best month of the year, and halloween is the second best holiday of the year! Yeah I love christmas more,

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