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Child’s Play 2 Review.

26 Views Intro: Well the Child’s play reboot just came out yesterday, so I feel compelled to review one of the bad ones of the franchise. So, why did I choose 2 instead of 3? It won a coin flip. Child’s play, the original one,

The Wylds Review.

38 Views Intro: This is, possibly the most surreal viewing experience I have ever had. First, how I found this. There I was, just mindlessly searching through a list of terrible movies, as I usually do, when suddenly I found this film called “The Adventures

The Adventures of Hercules Review!

38 Views Intro: Who doesn’t like the Greeks? Well you probably don’t if they owe you thousands of dollars, so let’s all pretend it’s hundreds, nay, thousands of years back in time when ancient Greece was at its highest point, a time of gods, monsters

Son of Godzilla Review!

64 ViewstmIntro: Hey everyone! I’m back! Alright look to be serious for a sec, I’m sorry for being gone for so long. Trust me when I say that it has nothing to do with a lack of passion with making these or anything, just with

Barbie Video Game Hero Review.

70 Views Intro: Hello again everyone! Todays review is a special one, since unlike almost every other movie we watch, this one was picked by my co-creator! Because of this he is no longer allowed to pick what movie we watch every week. This movie

Fantastic 4 Review!

160 ViewsIntro: The fantastic 4! Man their media sucks doesn’t it? It’s like a curse, all their movies, their cartoon series, I don’t know if they have a game but if they do it’s probably terrible. These guys just can’t catch a break! It almost

Prehysteria Review.

339 ViewsIntro: Well here’s an interesting story, I found out about this movie while watching a 1990s rugrats VHS tape not too long ago. Why was I doing this? Well why are you being so judgy? Point is it looked like absolute shit. Me and man

Muppet Treasure Island Review.

103 ViewsIntro: The muppets, a group of characters so famous and iconic, they’d probably be one of the first things to pop into your head just by saying their species. Treasure Island, a perfect example of classic literature, solidifying what a pirate is in the

Space Clown Review!

100 ViewsIntro: Hey everyone, I’m back! Sorry about the absence of a review last week, there were personal things going on in both mine and man-things lifes, so we had to skip it. But now we’re back! And boy do we have quite the film

Murder in Space review.

103 ViewsIntro: Welcome everyone, to a very special episode of S&I reviews! I encourage all who are reading this to play along because I think you guys would be interested in this little game. Today we are reviewing a murder mystery, and so I decided