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Labou Review.

44 Views Intro: Oh boy this one’s a special one. Labou is a film that I’ve been looking for, for about a decade or so. See, this film came out in 2008, direct to video. Some time around that year, it aired on tv, and

The Babysitter Review.

46 Views Intro: You know, going into this review, I had, some kind of misplaced hope in this film. I mean, the premise seemed alright, cannon films usually brings out some quality shlock, and they even got William Shatner! But then I remembered this was

Hard Ticket to Hawaii Review!

43 Views Intro: Oh boy, getting this review out was kind of a pain. My laptop broke, it can’t even be fixed I need to get a new one now, and if you didn’t know follow my Twitter ( for updates on reviews and sometimes

Dinocroc vs Supergator Review.

62 Views Intro: This is, possibly the craziest title we’ve had on this show. Dinocroc vs Supergator is brought to us by Jim Wynorski, the creator of Nessie and me. We picked this film out for that exact reason in case you’re wondering. Nessie and

Child’s Play 2 Review.

69 Views Intro: Well the Child’s play reboot just came out yesterday, so I feel compelled to review one of the bad ones of the franchise. So, why did I choose 2 instead of 3? It won a coin flip. Child’s play, the original one,

The Wylds Review.

89 Views Intro: This is, possibly the most surreal viewing experience I have ever had. First, how I found this. There I was, just mindlessly searching through a list of terrible movies, as I usually do, when suddenly I found this film called “The Adventures

The Adventures of Hercules Review!

79 Views Intro: Who doesn’t like the Greeks? Well you probably don’t if they owe you thousands of dollars, so let’s all pretend it’s hundreds, nay, thousands of years back in time when ancient Greece was at its highest point, a time of gods, monsters

Son of Godzilla Review!

120 ViewstmIntro: Hey everyone! I’m back! Alright look to be serious for a sec, I’m sorry for being gone for so long. Trust me when I say that it has nothing to do with a lack of passion with making these or anything, just with

Barbie Video Game Hero Review.

121 Views Intro: Hello again everyone! Todays review is a special one, since unlike almost every other movie we watch, this one was picked by my co-creator! Because of this he is no longer allowed to pick what movie we watch every week. This movie