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Student activists vanish after Chinese police raid


In a video shared with Reuters, police in riot gear burst into an apartment in Huizhou China and got into a scuffle with its occupants.

The apartment was filled with 40 student activists and others seeking to form a labor union, which is treated as a challenge by the Communist Party.

It’s not known what has happened to the activists, as calls to police and the activists themselves have gone unanswered. Labor activists in other parts of the country who had been in touch with those involved say they are unable to contact any of them.

Chinese authorities have been clamping down on the labor movement in the Guangdong province after workers as a welding company were fired for trying to form a union last month.

An activist who declined to be identified due to safety concerns, shared the footage with Rueters stating that the raid occurred at 5am and that the footage was received directly from students in the room as police entered.


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