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Qatar sabotaged the US and Australia with propaganda in order to host the FIFA world cup


Qatar ran secret propaganda campaign to sabotage main rivals for the FIFA 2022 bid, says The Sunday Times based on emails from a whistleblower who was an active member of the Qatar bid.

The controversial Qatar bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, that was announced to be the winning bid by Sepp Blatter in December 2010, broke FIFA rules by running a secret fake propaganda campaign against its main competitors.

The Sunday Times states that Qatar’s bid team used a PR agency and former CIA operatives to spread fake news about the US and Australia, that was designed to give the impression that the bids lacked support among the people in these countries.

Reports says the alleged smear campaign has included paying a professor $9,000 to write a negative report on the economic burdains of hosting the World Cup in the US.
The campaign also included the recruitment of journalists and bloggers to promote negative storie in the US, Australian and international media, as well as organising protests at Australian rugby matches.

Furthermore the leaked documents state that a group of American PE teachers have been recruited to ask a congressman to oppose the FIFA World Cup bid, stating the money could be better spent on high school sports.

FIFA rules say bidders are obligated to “refrain from making any written or oral statements of any kind, whether adverse or otherwise, about the bids or candidatures of any other member association which has expressed an interest in hosting and staging the competitions

While Qatar’s Supreme Committtee for Delivery and Legacy has denied all of the claims, stating ““We have been thoroughly investigated and have been forthcoming with all information related to our bid, including the official investigation led by US attorney Michael Garcia” adding “We have strictly adhered to all Fifa’s rules and regulations for the 2018/2022 World Cup bidding process.
Lord Triesman, England’s bid chairman and former chairman of the Football Association, urged Fifa to “look at the evidence thoroughly”, and said Qatar should not be allowed to host the World Cup if they were shown to have broken FIFA’s rules.


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