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West Hollywood council votes to permanently remove Trump’s star from the ‘Walk of Fame’


Trump’s infamous star, which was unveiled in 2007, could permanently vanish after the West Hollywood councillors have unanimously voted to remove it from the city’s Walk of Fame, says the Independent
Since the current president revealed his political ambitions, the star has been vandalised several times and was almost completely destroyed by 24-year old Austin Mikely Clay using a pickaxe.
On monday, Clay was charged with vandalism and, if found guilty, could face up to three years behind bars.
In October 2016 a man was filmed hitting the star, that had already been spray-painted and spat on, with a sledgehammer.

During a meeting on Monday evening, the West Hollywood city council has opted to recommend the removal of the president’s star to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
West Hollywood mayor John Duran announced the decision on twitter, saying: “West Hollywood City council unanimously passes resolution asking the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the Donald Trump star on Hollywood Walk of Fame,

The council staff has produced papers on that matter that state a number of ‘disturbing’ instances of Mr Trump’s behaviour towards woman have been brought to light in recent years.

It continued to list other examples of the president’s behaviour that was deemed objectionable by the council, including withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

The report also states: “Having a ‘star’ on the Walk of Fame is a privilege that is highly sought after by those in the entertainment industry,
Following up by stating: “Allowing Mr Trump to continue to have a star in light of his behaviour towards women, particularly in the #timesup and #metoo movements, should not be acceptable in the Hollywood and entertainment industry communities.”

However, hope for the star remains as the chamber has previously said that it would never remove a star from the famous walk, citing the historical value that the stars represent.
It has refused to remove stars that tribute Kevin Spacey or Bill Cosby, both who have been exposed as perpetrators of sexual harassment.


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