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Trump cancels DPRK meeting citing lack of progress from Pyongyang


President Trump took to his favorite platform Friday announcing that an upcoming meeting with the DPRK has been canceled due to a lack of progress from Pyongyang.

The President stated that the trade dispute with China was playing a part in the lack of commitment from the DPRK. Stating that China is no longer “helping with the progress of denuclearization as they once were”. 

In a Thursday interview with Fox, Mr. Trump stated that while his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping was great,  he can no longer give China “$5 billion in bad trade deals”.

He further stated during the interview that he “China’s been a big help with North Korea” and that he hoped they would continue to be.

Irregardless to the trade dispute and the canceling of the meetings, Mr. Trump tweeted that he “would like to send the warmest regards to Chairmen Kim. I look forward to seeing him soon!

Washington Times

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