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Saturday Morning Cartoons Coming Back? FCC’s New Plan to Relax TV Guidelines in Age of Internet Media



The FCC in a surprising turn of events, has started to relax TV requirements for children’s TV blocks. Stating that in the age of streaming, the rules were nolonger needed.

While cable continues to die, companies like Netflix and Amazon have managed to adapt to advancing technology and have carved out a large portion of the market for themselves.

Saturday morning cartoons used to be an American tradition, with most kids happily watching their favourite shows while eating cereal or other such sugary delights.

However as regulations piled up for cartoons, such as targeting ads and requiring educational content, cartoons became less profitable and soon began vanishing off networks.

The FCC argues that while tech companies such as Youtube face no such regulations, TV companies rich losing their licenses if they try to compete.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass) expressed his disappointment in the FCC’s decision stating that they should have done more research to see how the changes will impact children.

In recent polls 70% of Generation Z claim to not watch television at all, and consider “watching TV” as watching a streaming service.


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Hillary Anderson
2 years ago

Maybe re-edit this one. The text is doubled.

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