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Mexico’s national health system will be replaced under the new administration


On Wednesday, from the martyr’s plaza in the state of Mexico, Mexico’s president elect Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorĀ announced in the middle of his speech that he had plans to dissolve the popular insurance “Seguro Popular” and renovate the national health system, starting from the more marginalized zones and continue efforts thorough the country’s health centers until the right to healthcare is truly universal.

Mexico’s popular insurance dates back to 2003 under the administration of former president Vicente Fox, but Obrador said, “We’re going to replace the so called ‘popular insurance’ because it is not popular, nor an insurance, there’s no medicines in the health centers, there’s no medicines in the hospitals”

This speech was part of his “thank you” tour, another highlight of this speech, which lasted a little over an hour, would be his statement against the recent rumors that his health is not in the best conditions, calling said rumor baseless, and an attempt of the “mafia of power” to discredit his efforts and tarnish his name, adding that the recently leaked medical diagnostics are unfounded, Obrador said that most of them are falsified, while others are from three or four years ago, which document his hearth attack dating three years back.

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