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Mexico denies involvement in attack against Venezuelan president Maduro


In a statement issued by Mexico’s Foreign Relations Office, the Mexican government officially rejected the “baseless accusations” made by Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela’s minister of Communication and Information that Mexico was directly involved in a failed attack against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro that took place on the 4th of august this year.

Today, Jorge Rodrigez announced that Venezuela captured a man named Henryberth “Morpheus” Rivas and two other unnamed men, who are reportedly the men behind the explosive drone attack against the Venezuelan President on august 4th in the middle of a military parade. After Rivas was captured, he confessed that he was supposed to flee the country with the help of diplomatic personnel from Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

In the issued statement, Mexico had this to say “The Mexican government, trough the Foreign Relations Office categorically rejects the baseless accusations made by Venezuela’s minister of Communication and Information .”

“The government of Mexico and it’s diplomatic personnel always act with full respect for international law. Mexico will continue it’s diplomatic efforts efforts to reach a pacific solution.”


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