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Mexican Presidential Hopeful Promises Revolution if Elected


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO for short, appears to be polling quite well voting for the Mexican election begins Sunday.

The anti-establishment candidate, who recently made the news for attacking the US government for it’s treatment of immigrants has promised to become an arbiter for immigration as a human right.

However his main platform is calling for anti-corruption measures to try and clean-up Mexico. He has promised that he will personally convert the presidential palace into a public park as a start.

“This election really began to cease being political a few months ago and became emotional, It is more than anything a referendum against corruption, in which, as much by right as by cleverness, Amlo has presented himself as the only alternative. And in reality he is.” Mexican essayist Emiliano Monge told the New Yorker.

AMLO stated while campaigning that Mexicos “fourth transformation” is coming. Citing it’s war of independance, civil war, and liberal reforms. He has promised that the change will be as important as the revolution, but promises it will not be violent.

Ana Quintana of the Heritage Foundation made the following statement about AMLO.

“AMLO is a nationalist and focused on addressing domestic problems. The U.S. should anticipate a reduction in cooperation on regional challenges that don’t directly concern Mexico. We should expect Mexico to draw down their leadership on the Venezuela crisis, as AMLO’s foreign minister in waiting told me in a meeting,”

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