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Man planned to detonate 200-pound bomb in election day


Last Thursday federal units arrested a New York man Paul Rosenfeld, 56, under unlawful manufacture of a destructive device and interstate transportation and receipt of an explosive. Rosenfeld planned to make use of a homemade 200-pound bomb and detonate it in the national mall, which would have killed countless innocents and himself in the process had this plan come to fruition.

The department of justice moved in to arrest Rosenfeld after receiving an anonymous tip in Pennsylvania, in which an unidentified individual claimed to have received text messages from Rosenfeld, who said he “planned to build an explosive device” and set it to blow on November 6th in order to“draw attention to his political belief in ‘sortation.’”

When Rosenfeld was taken in for questioning, he confessed that he ordered “large quantities of black powder over the internet, which he transported from a location in New Jersey to his home in Tappan, New York,” he added that he was going to blow himself up in the attack.

When the authorities searched his home, they reported to have found the explosive in the basement, which consisted of black powder inside a plywood box. Rosenfeld said that he orchestrated this attack in response to the anger he felt over direction the USA as a country was taking.

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