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El Heraldo de Chiapas reporter Mario Gomez murdered in Yajalon


Mexican reporter Mario Gomez was brutally gunned down outside his Yajalon home while on the way to work, becoming the ninth journalist this year to be murdered.

The 35 year old reporter for El Heraldo De Chiapas was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately passed away due to the severity of his injuries.

Mr. Gomez was reporting on corruption in the state of Chiapas, and had recently filed a complaint that he was receiving death threats a colleague anonymously told the AFP.

He had previously received threats in 2016 after publishing articles that showed corruption involving two state officials.

While the Mexican government does offer a protection program for journalists, it’s not currently clear if he was under their protection.

The program offers protective measures such as bodyguards and panic buttons to journalists, but is under-funded and risks ending in January due to budget gaps.

El Heraldo has called for  “an exhaustive investigation to find those responsible for this crime” 


El Heraldo de Chiapas

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