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Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Seizes Victory in Mexican Presidential Election



Andres Manuel Lopz Obrador, or AMLO for short, had an exciting day yesterday that no doubt lead to cheers from his fans and scowls from his critics.

With a 30 point lead on his nearest competitor, a feat not seen since 1980. The 64 year old politician didn’t just seize half the vote, but the Presidency as well.

Two of his political competitors, Jose Antonio of the PRI and Ricardo Anaya of PAN, quickly conceded defeat within minute of exit poll data becoming available.

The gaze now falls upon Congress to see whether or not AMLO’s Morena party can manage to become a majority. A result that has investors nervous as the Pesos value dropped following the announcement of his victory.


What does he stand for?

AMLOs left-wing campaign mirrors quite a bit of President Trumps in 2016, a poetic irony as he is a strong critic of Trump.

Many of his ideas stem from the plan to combat Mexicos crime, illegal emigration, and corruption by better improving the economy to try and discourage said behaviors.

The following are some of his most noted campaign promises.


AMLO is a proponent for seeking agricultural autarky, with plans to set prices on farm equipment and supplies. [1]

He has suggested that he may push the idea of enforcing a lower tax areas to both the Countries borders, in addition to higher wages to try and control migration. [2] [3]

In regards to infrastructure, he plans to build a rail link across Isthmus of Tehuantepec to try and economically stimulate the southern portion of the Country. [4]

He has also suggested doubling pensions for seniors and the nations minimum wage to 177 Pesos  [5] [6]

AMLO is a critic of NAFTA, citing that it is hurting farmers, however does not wish to abolish it. He has asked the previous administration not to negotiate with Trump over it, stating that Pena Nieto and Trump do not have a good relationship, tainted by a canceled trip.  [7] [8]

Jesus Seade is expected to lead the Nafta renegotiation on AMLO’s behalf. [9]

He has fought for higher workers salaries, stating
“because wages in our country are very low, they are the lowest wages in the world and we need to strengthen the domestic market and this is to improve the income of workers, you can not be paying the workers of the maquilas 800 pesos a week.” [10]


AMLO’s biggest pledge has been to combat the widespread corruption in Mexico, but has no clear method of doing so. It is believed he will take a zero tolerance approach in combination to his pledge to “sweep it out from top to bottom like cleaning the stairs.”  [11]

He has stated that he’s open to international organizations aiding Mexico in investigations on corruption and human rights abuses. [12]

He also plans to amend the constitution to make it possible to try presidents for corruptions. [13]

The issues of corruption is a catastrophic one in Mexico and will be a massive undertaking for him.

According to a 2017 report by Transparency International, 51% of Mexicans reported having to pay a bribe to receive access to public services. [14]

“Corruption is not a cultural phenomenon, it’s the result of a regime in decline, t no-one who was guilty of corruption would be spared, not even brothers-in-arms” AMLO has stated, as 14 of the countries Governors are under investigation for corruption.


Foreign Policy

AMLO has taken a hard stance against the US border wall project, as well as the deportation of illegal immigrants. In 2017 he called for the previous administration to contact the United Nations to take legal action against the US, stating that it was violating human rights and was exhibiting racial discrimination. [15]

AMLO would like to stem illegal immigration through jobs and development, rather than a border wall.

He more recently stated that he will become an advocate for immigration, as it is a human right. [16]

He has made plans to appoint the current UN Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission as Mexicos UN ambassador with the aim of having the UN put pressure on the US. He blames corrupt “establishment parties” for preventing illegal immigrants from receiving the support they need. [17]

As far as migration to Mexico go, he stated that they will no longer detain Central Americans at Mexicos southern border. [18]

He has stated that he is debating on putting a development plan for Central America into his NAFTA renegotiation attempts, including an“Alliance for Progress” to foster job creation with it’s proposed member states of North and Central America. [19]



2017 was a record year for Mexico is a rather dark light, with more than 25,000 murders. Including 130 politicians. [20]

With the issues of crimes going unpunished, AMLO has blamed corruption for the violence in Mexico.

He has stated that he plans to have daily meetings with his security cabinet, and it would be under a “unified command”. 

He has stated that under his administration there would be “abrazos, no balazos” (hugs, not shoot-outs) arguing that the solution was with better jobs and wages, not warfare. [21] [22]

In addition he has previously suggested amnesty for those involved in the drug war, but has recently scaled this back to only protect farmers growing illicit crops. [23]




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