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“Alien abduction doesn’t define me” – Florida Congressional Hopeful


Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera has a fair share of accomplishments under her belt, with Congresswoman being her next target.

The U.S. House candidate is a longshot for the Miami area seat, left vacant after the retirement of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. However she managed to get the endorsement of the Miami Herald for the Tuesday GOP primary.

She revealed during an interview that she was grateful for the endorsement, but that her tale of being abducted by aliens didn’t define her.

Rodriguez Aguilera stated that when she was 7 she was abducted by aliens that looked like the Christ of Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, but with blond hair. The aliens revealed to her thousands of non-human skulls were once found on the island of Malta and that Africa was “the center of the world’s energy”.

This wouldn’t be her only encounter with aliens, as when she was 17 she also saw a UFO.

Rodriguez Aguilera, who was a former City council member for the suburb of Doral, has also been a social worker, an ombudsman at the Miami-Dade county office, and currently trains women in other countries on how to run for office.

“The theme of my campaign is people above politics. I train people around the world about democracy, I have the most experience. I can go in there and start working just as I have all my life.”

In spite of her revealing that she is telepathically in contact with aliens, her campaign is not believed to currently be colluding with foreign planets.


Bettina’s Campaign Website



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