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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Middle Eastern Digest

279 Views    Saudi Arabia has halted transport through the Bab El-Mandeb strait that leads into the Red Sea to the Soyuz Canal. This is a measure against recent missile attacks against two Saudi tankers near the port-city of Hodeida ,one of which sustained minor

Kazaam Review.

423 ViewsIntro: Oh poor poor Shaq, you tried so hard to expand your media influence, and they all fail horribly. You tried to start a rap career, and I doubt a lot of you guys even know he made an album, you tried to have

Night Wolves cause uproar in Slovakia

544 Views Nochnye Volki (Ночные Волки or Night Wolves) bikers have recently caused an uproar in Slovakia as they take up residence in a military styled base. It has been reported by the Hospodarske Noviny, that the Night Wolves branch in question is lead by

Maikel Henkel, the hero of Lübeck

442 Views—- Germany —- Earlier reports of a stabbing on a German bus that injured 9 people,, could have ended a lot worse, if 25 year old Maikel Henkel wasn’t on board, RTL reports. The stabbing caused panic in the bus says Maikel Henkel. Who

Gremlins 2 Review!

887 ViewsIntro: Right, well, Ghostbusters 2016 was quite the shit show of a movie, so today we’re going to need to even things out with an actually good film. Now first, why aren’t we doing the first movie? Simple, ya gotta save that for the

Trump/Cohen Tape Emerges

343 Views Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani confirmed the existence of a recording between Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen reported by the Wallstreet Journal to be about buying the rights to Karen McDougal’s story. McDougal had previously sold the rights to the story