Child’s Play 2 Review.
The Wylds Review.
The Adventures of Hercules Review!
Son of Godzilla Review!
Barbie Video Game Hero Review.
Fantastic 4 Review!
British Court sentenced mother to 11 years in prison for FMG
Prehysteria Review.
Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Fires Back with Optimism
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The Wylds Review.

38 Views Intro: This is, possibly the most surreal viewing experience I have ever had. First, how I found this. There I was, just mindlessly searching through a list of terrible movies, as I usually do, when suddenly I found this film called “The Adventures

Fantastic 4 Review!

160 ViewsIntro: The fantastic 4! Man their media sucks doesn’t it? It’s like a curse, all their movies, their cartoon series, I don’t know if they have a game but if they do it’s probably terrible. These guys just can’t catch a break! It almost

Prehysteria Review.

339 ViewsIntro: Well here’s an interesting story, I found out about this movie while watching a 1990s rugrats VHS tape not too long ago. Why was I doing this? Well why are you being so judgy? Point is it looked like absolute shit. Me and man

Air Force deploys new sidearm, replacing the M9

169 ViewsThe Air Force security units have begun wielding the new M18, this new modular handgun is set to become the new standard among several Air Force divisions, replacing the classic M9 Beretta, which has been the US Armed Force’s sidearm choice for the last