Dinocroc vs Supergator Review.
Child’s Play 2 Review.
The Wylds Review.
The Adventures of Hercules Review!
Son of Godzilla Review!
Barbie Video Game Hero Review.
Fantastic 4 Review!
British Court sentenced mother to 11 years in prison for FMG
Prehysteria Review.
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The Wylds Review.

56 Views Intro: This is, possibly the most surreal viewing experience I have ever had. First, how I found this. There I was, just mindlessly searching through a list of terrible movies, as I usually do, when suddenly I found this film called “The Adventures

Fantastic 4 Review!

233 ViewsIntro: The fantastic 4! Man their media sucks doesn’t it? It’s like a curse, all their movies, their cartoon series, I don’t know if they have a game but if they do it’s probably terrible. These guys just can’t catch a break! It almost

Prehysteria Review.

508 ViewsIntro: Well here’s an interesting story, I found out about this movie while watching a 1990s rugrats VHS tape not too long ago. Why was I doing this? Well why are you being so judgy? Point is it looked like absolute shit. Me and man